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How to solve vaginal infection or yeast infection treatment

 Hello, I am here to help with your vaginal infection problem. My name is Dr. Anita Singh (Gynecologist) with experience of more than 7 years and specialization in vaginal infections and it's treatment. It is a spreadable disease so getting it treated by a doctor as soon as possible is required. If you are hesitating or feeling uncomfortable and need online help I am just a text away from helping you out with this issue. All the things that are discussed here are kept confidential. You can contact me any time 24/7. CLICK WHATSAAP ICON START CHATTING   DR. ANITA SINGH WHATSAPP NUMBER                                   +917007823762 Any problem contact me any time 24*7 How to check for vaginal infection (Diagnosis): You can check a vaginal infection by checking how frequent itching is happening at vaginal area. Problem during urination/ burning sensation. You could have symptoms like: bad smell (fishy smell), and the discharge from your vagina have pungent a odor to it. It is not alwa