Dry Lips for cold Season - How to care cold season Dry lips

 Many people are troubled by chapped and dry lips during the cold season. how to take care of them

An unpleasant side effect of cold weather for many people is chapped, dry lips.

Why are lips dry?

The skin releases oil through the sebaceous glands. It protects our case from drying out and especially in cold weather. "However, there are practically no oil glands in the lips and this natural defense of the body takes over," says Dr. Martin Alwang says In addition, the skin on the lips is very thin.

Dry Lips for cold Season - How to care cold season Dry lips

it dries out the lips

Moistening the tongue temporarily relieves the feeling of tightness, but in the long run it worsens the condition of the skin: as the saliva evaporates, excess moisture is removed and the skin becomes drier than before Yes, Alwang explains. It makes the lips even more soft.

No care product can help

Irritated skin now needs fat - for example in Vaseline. However, our experts recommend healing-promoting ingredients like DE panthenol, among other things. This active ingredient is often found in Care Sticks from the pharmacy. Medicinal plants such as marigold are also included in many lip balms for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Well, the expert thinks it's a rumor that you can be "addicted" to lip care sticks. It is true that these pens do not address the cause of chapped lips and dry skin in the mouth area. If you leave them, the problem will easily come back. But this has nothing to do with dependencies.

Unfortunately, there is no universal cure for dry, chapped lips. If your experience with a care product has been good, you should continue using it. The following applies to women: Lipstick usually does not harm chapped lips. Quite the contrary: most lipsticks contain care products and oils that protect the lips. "As long as the skin is irritated and chapped, I advise against perfume products containing dyes," says expert Alwang.

how to save Dry Lips?

Have you experienced chapped lips in winters? Then you should take care of your mouth every day with a care stick or lip balm. Cold protection creams can also help with freezing temperatures. You may also want to rethink your skin care routine. According to pharmacist Allwang, unsuitable beauty products often irritate the lips and the skin around the mouth. "When in doubt, ask your dermatologist," advises Alwang.

What to do with torn corners of the mouth?

Cracked corners of the mouth, also known as corner cheilitis, often occur as a side effect of dry lips. Try using care sticks or ointments first. If the corners of the mouth do not heal after two to three days, it is better to consult a doctor. For example, other causes of cracks in the corners of the mouth include deficiencies in vitamins, iron and zinc, so this can be a possible symptom of a deficiency. Chapped corners of the mouth should be treated immediately, otherwise germs and bacteria can multiply without hindrance.


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